Arbors designed for gardens, lawns and special events

Arbor Services

Built On-Site

All of our arbors are constructed on-site of where they'll be installed so that any unforeseen obstructions or modifications can be provided by us.


Each arbor is planned out down to the last screw and nail.  This assures our customers of no wasted money on leftover material.

On Time

From design to construction all our projects are finished on time.  Customers can have peace of mind that their custom arbor will arrive when they want it. 

Arbor Design Team


Harry Jenkins

Harry has been in outdoor construction for fifteen years and touches every one of our arbors that go up.  Though he juggles many overlapping projects any given day, he'll be on-site at each one.


Lisa Weintriks

Lisa brings over a decade of design experience to the company.  A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Lisa has become an innovative designer in the outdoor living space. 


Sam Loggins

Sam oversees sales and marketing for Arbor Design.  His decade plus experience in digital marketing bring a wealth of knowledge to the team.


Helen Smirks

Helen founded Arbor Designs in 2010 and never looked back.  She views the backyard as another room to be lived in and is the recipient of numerous awards.


Arbor Design changed my home life and probably saved my marriage.
Tom Shane (Customer)
I’d given up on ever having a wedding, but Arbor Design changed all that.
Gwen Bevins (Loving Client)
I had the right suit but no where outside to wear it.  That was until Arbor Design showed up!
Richard Burton (Glad-Hearted Customer)

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